How to Load Test a Website with Authentication

Load testing a website with authentication takes more thought than testing a simple static website, or even an API. When a login is triggered in a web application, more happens behind the scenes than during simpler requests. To load test properly, we need to make sure our test is realistic, and correctly stresses the infrastructure that supports the login process.

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Why is Load Testing Important?

Load testing is a fundamental component of the overall process of performance testing your web application. What makes it so important, and what are the benefits of load testing?   1. Reduce the Risk of Outages Load testing reduces the risk of outages by identifying potential performance issues before they cause problems in production. By […]

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Estimating Concurrent Users for Load Testing With Google Analytics

Google Analytics data can help you figure out how many users your load test should be targeting. By using real world data to design your load test scenarios, you can deliver results that are realistic, accurate, and meaningful.

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