Load Test in Code,
In Your Application's Language!

Real Browsers

BrowserUp handles real-browser tests, as well as API and HTTP-level tests.

Your Code

Real code. Your code. Same page objects you already maintain.

Results, Faster

Our approach cuts time-to-release up to 50%. Would you like to release faster?

Fix scalability problems before they cost you money

Release Immediately

When tests are in code, the release can ship with a matching load test in it. Don't wait for someone to build a test in a separate tool.

Know your website's capabilities

Our reporting suite gives you a benchmark of your architecture's maximum scalability, so you know you're ready to release.

Detailed Reporting

Our rich reports allow deep insight into your website's performance. As they say, that which is measured, improves. Start improving today!

Accurate Load

We use 100% grade A all-natural browsers--like your users. You don't have to wonder how well our simulator works--we don't simulate!

BrowserUp’s website load testing tool

The best way to continously load test your website

Reduce Cycle Time by 50%

Shorten release cycles with a CI/CD ready release on day one.

Simple Scripting

When it comes time to script, use tools you know, like Selenium, Java or Ruby.

Continuous Integration

Real browser tests work locally, so your code ships CI/CD ready.

Real Browsers

The most accurate way to test. Selenium-based scripts for easier coding and maintenance.

Save Time

Implement page navigation logic once, not in both page objects and a separate load script

Your AWS

Run in your own AWS account--keep your data private and GDPR compliant.

Load Test In Code

Write tests the same way your write your app

We Save You Money

Our cloud-based solution means no hardware to purchase and maintain.