BrowserUp Proxy Release 1.1

We recently released version 1.1 of the BrowserUp Proxy. BrowserUp Proxy is a free utility to watch, test, and manipulate web application network traffic and performance. The BrowserUp proxy is based on a fork of the BrowserMob Proxy, an open source project which hasn't had a release in a few years. It uses the same API as BrowserMob...

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Types of Web Application Load Tests

There are a number of different common types of load tests. They each serve different purposes, and vet different capabilities.

Real-World Concurrency Test

A Real-World Concurrency test simulates normal production-like usage and determines the application's scalability. This test is probably the single most important test for vetting a site's capabilities. Pur...

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How to Create a Login Script for Load Testing

Scalability-wise, authentication is one of the most critical functions in a web application. Why? For most non-trivial web applications, the majority of their functionality requires prior authentication. The implication here is that the scalability of the system's authentication provides a hard-ceiling on your website’s scalability. If your users can’t login, they can’t get to your website's ot...

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What’s our blog about?

We plan to blog extensively on testing, performance and scalability related topics. Our content will include how-tos for creating testing scripts, performance testing and performance tuning. Our focus will cover QA, DevOps, and development of scalable websites from a development perspective.

We'll be doing periodic link roundups of the content we post on the