Brotli Support in the BrowserUp/BrowserMob Proxy

We are happy to announce Brotli support in the BrowserUp Proxy. The BrowserUp proxy is our fork of the BrowserMob proxy.

Brotli is an open source compression scheme by Google that offers superior compression capabilities over GZIP, the most popular alternative.  At present, if you load either Google or Facebook, you’ll get web pages sent to you with Brotli compression.  Previously, the proxy would ignore the content of text in Brotli (br) encoded pages.




Many sites are moving or have already moved to Brotli, and for good reason. Take a look at how much Brotli compression will reduce the size of your content. If you’re interested in better web performance, Brotli compression is something you should look at.

Along with Brotli support, we added in a couple other community PR’s, like a fix for Basic Auth credentials leaks in the proxy, and support for JSON content types with versions in the name into the new version. We also recently added support for Java up to version 11.

Give it a try!