The BrowserUp Proxy – An actively maintained fork/alternative to the BrowserMob Proxy!

We are pleased to announce our new fork of the BrowserMob Proxy, renamed the BrowserUp Proxy. The BrowserMob Proxy played a vital role in the Selenium testing ecosystem by allowing access to network request data, but it has unfortunately not been updated for a couple years.

The commercial load testing and monitoring company which maintained the project, BrowserMob, was acquired by a company named Neustar, and while the proxy had some great community support for a while, the main fork hasn’t been updated since 2016. As an example of how this poses a problem, HTTP/2 support has been needed sorely and is still missing from the proxy. Additionally, it would not compile against Java 11, and had no brotli compression support.

We have no relationship to BrowserMob or their acquirer. We do have a love of real browser testing and browsers, though.
Since we are planning to put a lot of effort into the proxy, we decided to brand this fork under our own name, BrowserUp.

What are our plans for the BrowserUp Proxy? HTTP/2 support, which you can see now. Bug fixes. Websocket support.  Modern dependency updates. Apache 2.0 license like it has always had. And… a lot of crazy new features that we will announce soon! Hint: Some are already done and can be found on the repo.