Configuring AWS Test Credentials

BrowserUp can run tests locally using Docker, and in the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Deploying and running a load test in the cloud is very similar to running a local test from the BrowserUp Command Line. The main difference is just that you’ll configure your AWS credentials, and set cluster_type: aws.


Install Amazon AWS CLI and configure a user with the required AWS credentials

BrowserUp requires that you have an AWS user with these IAM permissions:

  • AmazonEC2FullAccess
  • AmazonRoute53FullAccess
  • AmazonS3FullAccess
  • IAMFullAccess
  • AmazonVPCFullAccess

Step 1 - Configure AWS credentials

The BrowserUp AWS credentials work via the AWS Command Line client, and are configured in the same manner, by exporting the environment variables:

$ export AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=us-west-2

Step 2 - Remote Cluster

In your test’s browserup.load.yaml, set it to cluster_type: aws

cluster_type: aws

That’s it! Run your test using the usual command line instructions and you have a scalable load test in the cloud!